Powdercoating Services:

Southern Sandblasting & Powdercoating Cork

Our powdercoating range allows us to apply a variety of colours and finishes to various surfaces. We offer a complete range of RAL colours for any metal products and the coating or re-coating of any existing items. These items include (but are not limited to) car wheels, wheelchairs, garden furniture, and playground equipment, gates, custom fabricated items and motor bike frames.
Powder Coating is commonly used as a surface finish. It's smooth, even finish and durability makes it a great paint alternative. The process is a technique of applying dry paint to the desired part.

Powder coating is an alternative, environment friendly method of applying Paint. Normally, to apply a 'wet' Paint, solvents are required to allow the paint to become a liquid thus allowing it to be applied to the object to be painted the solvent also make the paint sticky, causing it to adhere to the surface.

With powder coating, only the paint solids are sprayed onto the product, in an atomised powder form. The powder is drawn to the product and adheres to the product due to an electrostatic charge applied to the powder during spraying. The product, thus covered with the powder paint is then heated (to around 200 degrees Centigrade) in an oven, wherein the powder fuses (melts) on to the product and thus forms a smooth, tough and resilient coating.

What are the benefits of Powder Coating?

High Quality Because the powder is fused onto the product, it has excellent scratch resistance properties. It also has a pleasing 'smooth' appearance and forms a sealed skin around the product thus minimising corrosion risk.

Recoverable Unlike wet paint, 'Over spray' powders can be collected and re-used! When you consider that in any paint spraying system, only around 50% of the paint for powder) actually lards on the job, then large savings are clearly possible if the over spray can be re-used.

There are various types of coating powder available. At Southern Sandblasting & Powdercoating, our many years of experience has helped us perfect the powder coating process. We believe that preparation is the key to a successful powder coating.

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